New Phone

So after several months, Don finally convinced me to get a new phone yesterday. I loved my old one, but I was mostly using it as a mini computer because the phone service had long since been disconnected. If you didn’t know it, if you have a smart phone with no service, you can still use most of the features over wifi. It’s nice for playing games or listening to music or surfing the web. I did a lot of research and I decided on the $am$ung S7 Edge. So far I like it a LOT. I’ve been playing with it almost non-stop, looking at the features and customizing it and transferring stuff from my old phone. I ordered a case from Amazon and it will be here Monday so until then, I’m trying to be extra careful. The guy at AT&T strongly urged us to get a case because … Continue reading

The Beetus Et Al

I was diagnosed as a type II diabetic about ohhhh, maybe 8 years ago? I’m so bad with time references, who knows. Maybe 10. Anyway. For a while, I checked my blood every morning and took my 2 pills every day and at the time, that’s where it ended. I didn’t take it very serious. I had a new gadget, the glucometor (blood sugar checky thing), so that was cool cause I love me some gadgets but I didn’t really change anything else. I think my A1C at that time was 11. That lasted a few months and the novelty wore off and I quit checking my blood and eventually I quit taking my pills because AINT NO PILLS GONNA TELL ME WHAT TO DO. In the following years, I got back on the wagon a few times and then promptly fell back off. It was about a year ago … Continue reading

Beans, beans the wonderful fruit…

The first recipe I’m posting on this hur website is one of my favorite meals. As a bonus, it’s super simple to make and reasonably healthy. The healthy factor would increase a lot were I able to skip the cornbread. And the butter ON the cornbread. I should go ahead and put it out there that you won’t always see me posting proper recipes. When I bake, I mostly measure stuff but when I cook, not so much. Anyway, to start off, we have beans. You can buy canned pinto beans but I don’t know why you would. They cost a lot more and they are full of whatever it is that makes that slimy kinda juice on them that you have to rinse off. You can buy a huge bag of dried pinto beans for a few bucks and they last forever. You need:   We have the dried … Continue reading

Here I go again…

Hi. Here I am, blogging again. My life has changed a lot in the recent past, all for the better. I’m happier than I ever remember being. Blogging always seemed very therapeutic for me so I thought I’d give it another whirl. It will take a little time to get this all set up, but for now I’ve once again staked my little claim to the interweb right here. I hope to be able to share my thoughts, some cooking and gardening and biased opinions and my life in general. Thanks for stopping by and check back soon.