My Mother

My mother. Oy vay. She sent me the following email at 3am today: Make sure you have extra water, blankets, medicine you need, batteries and candles and flashlights, extra food, whatever you think you would need if the power was off for a long time.   And whatever you do , don’t go to a shelter of anykind…..I believe these crazy people running things now are going to pull something ,,,,,propane and something for heat ….call me crazy, I don’t care, I just know they will pull some crazy thing to prevent the new President from getting in… My knee-jerk reaction was to reply with a snarky and sarcastic email, making fun of her paranoia but after a few words, I backspaced and sat a few minutes. The threat she wrote to me about is very real in her mind and as far-fetched and silly as I think it is, it … Continue reading

Tiffany the Whore

When a child is born, it’s kind of a cosmic crap-shoot as to what traits he or she will get from his/her respective parents. I got my dad’s big, fat German nose, ugly feet with misshapen toes and aversion to seeking medical treatment unless severely bleeding or near death. I got my mother’s need for absolute control regarding any and every thing, her obsessive/compulsive neurotic-ness and weak fingernails. Of course, her OCD manifests itself in the form of cleaning and then cleaning more then cleaning all the clean things and shopping. I like to eat, worry about things and fret over labels not being all facing the same way on every thing. I really, really, REALLY wish things didn’t bug me so much. It’s that control, man. I know as an adult you aren’t supposed to blame your parents for your behavior but my control issues are all 100% from my … Continue reading

Burnt Peas

I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping. I’m pretty sure it’s the anxiety…my brain doesn’t want to shut down and I’m anxious about sleeping (and 100 other things). I really can’t explain what it is about sleeping that I’m anxious about because I honestly don’t know. I know getting back on my meds will help and I’m SO looking forward to that. My appointment with the doctor is this Thursday on the 5th and I’m glad to go but very anxious about the appointment. There should be a drinking game having to do with how often I use the word “anxious” or a form of it in a post. Ideally, what I’d like to have happen is this – I go in, the doctor says “hey, how ya doing?” and I say “great!” and she says “ok cool, I’ve called in all your meds so I guess we’ll see … Continue reading


So many people are really happy to see 2016 end and I really can’t say the same. I mean, I’m not saying I want it to NOT end, I just don’t feel the same as a lot of people seem to. There were some bad things – a lot of deaths that made me sad. Prince and George Michael were both icons from MY era, the 80’s, and news of their deaths seriously bummed me out. I’m not sure how George died, but knowing Prince died to pills just make me sad and angry at the same time. On the other hand, 2016 was the year I met, and married, my Don and I can’t possibly begrudge a year that gave me him. For the past few months, there hasn’t been a single day that has gone by that I haven’t been struck with the fear that he is gonna … Continue reading


Well, I made 4 posts back in May and for whatever reason that was it. There have been many, many times in the past 7 months that I have thought “I really want to write on my blog” but I (obviously) didn’t and I really don’t know why. Writing a “journal” has always been therapeutic for me. A LOT has happened since May when I last posted and I do regret that I quit writing here because I’d love to have all my thoughts and all that recorded. So here I am, I’m gonna give it another shot. A recap: Don started having some severe leg pain around the first part of June. Many doctor visits later it was determined that he had a slipped disk and the disk goo had leaked out and that made a bunch of calcification (I think of it like a barnacle) and that was … Continue reading

New Phone

So after several months, Don finally convinced me to get a new phone yesterday. I loved my old one, but I was mostly using it as a mini computer because the phone service had long since been disconnected. If you didn’t know it, if you have a smart phone with no service, you can still use most of the features over wifi. It’s nice for playing games or listening to music or surfing the web. I did a lot of research and I decided on the $am$ung S7 Edge. So far I like it a LOT. I’ve been playing with it almost non-stop, looking at the features and customizing it and transferring stuff from my old phone. I ordered a case from Amazon and it will be here Monday so until then, I’m trying to be extra careful. The guy at AT&T strongly urged us to get a case because … Continue reading

The Beetus Et Al

I was diagnosed as a type II diabetic about ohhhh, maybe 8 years ago? I’m so bad with time references, who knows. Maybe 10. Anyway. For a while, I checked my blood every morning and took my 2 pills every day and at the time, that’s where it ended. I didn’t take it very serious. I had a new gadget, the glucometor (blood sugar checky thing), so that was cool cause I love me some gadgets but I didn’t really change anything else. I think my A1C at that time was 11. That lasted a few months and the novelty wore off and I quit checking my blood and eventually I quit taking my pills because AINT NO PILLS GONNA TELL ME WHAT TO DO. In the following years, I got back on the wagon a few times and then promptly fell back off. It was about a year ago … Continue reading

Beans, beans the wonderful fruit…

The first recipe I’m posting on this hur website is one of my favorite meals. As a bonus, it’s super simple to make and reasonably healthy. The healthy factor would increase a lot were I able to skip the cornbread. And the butter ON the cornbread. I should go ahead and put it out there that you won’t always see me posting proper recipes. When I bake, I mostly measure stuff but when I cook, not so much. Anyway, to start off, we have beans. You can buy canned pinto beans but I don’t know why you would. They cost a lot more and they are full of whatever it is that makes that slimy kinda juice on them that you have to rinse off. You can buy a huge bag of dried pinto beans for a few bucks and they last forever. You need:   We have the dried … Continue reading

Here I go again…

Hi. Here I am, blogging again. My life has changed a lot in the recent past, all for the better. I’m happier than I ever remember being. Blogging always seemed very therapeutic for me so I thought I’d give it another whirl. It will take a little time to get this all set up, but for now I’ve once again staked my little claim to the interweb right here. I hope to be able to share my thoughts, some cooking and gardening and biased opinions and my life in general. Thanks for stopping by and check back soon.